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Welcome to my online store where we offer elegant, fun and vibrant colors with a healthy approach. Nail lacquer is more than just looking spectacular, it is also about feeling good on the inside. I want each of our customers to not only 'Be Polished' with QueenMarz but to also 'Stay Polished'.


Who Are We?

Queen Marz or QueenMarz L.L.C was created and founded to represent as a unisex nail polish and beauty brand with all shades in mind. We aim to promote the limitless ways of art expression through color symbolism 🌹👑
QueenMarz formulas are 10-Free, which means our products do not contain 10 of the chemicals known to be toxic, it is cruelty free and does not contain any animal derived ingredients making it vegan-friendly. Our polish can last up to 10 days. We offer a healthy approach to cuticle oils, treatment coats, gel top coat and acrylic powders.