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​Meet The Owner

Hey there Kings and Queens!

Meet Destinee Redmond, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder. 

QueenMarz Polish was created for the opportunity to be creative and innovative, while continuing to focus on self-care. For me, nails are a way to express, motivate and uplift oneself .. 

There are several different types of physical nail structures and spiritual representations as well. QueenMarz was developed around my experiences with products I may have liked however did not benefit my nail type. With failure brought curiosity which led to research. I sought out mentors and educational materials that would help build a high-quality vegan nail polish that is made with harmless chemicals .. 

Its has been years of thriving and I am blessed to show the progression of my beautiful brand!

My mission is to provide healthier choices of artistic and bold color creations that embodies personality. 

I am so excited about how far we’ve come, and yet to grow!

 Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with QueenMarz Polish for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

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